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Welcome to the original and the official site for the

Evil Genius Political Party

 founders of the New Evil Genius Order!

"No lackey left behind"




Now ... Meet Your Evil Genius Party:


What is The Evil Genius Party?

The Evil Genius Party is your representative for a new world order. Committed to more than solving America’s problems, the Evil Genius Party promises to think globally about how to fix the social and economic problems which plague the world. The main problem? Idiots in charge. The world over, idiots run countries and the people, like you, are caught in between. The Evil Genius Party is the only party which recognizes your value in the world...not as pawns trapped between warring barbarians, but as lackeys, minions, henchmen, acolytes...You will aid in creating a new peaceful, unified world. You will be wanted, and your family can’t even claim that...


Evil Genius Heritage

The Evil Genius has a long and rich heritage throughout history. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, King John of England, Elias “Egghead” Starr, Margaret Thatcher, Auric Goldfinger, Victor von Doom, King Louis XIV of France, Doctor Clayton Forrester, Benjamin Franklin, Doctor Evil, Richard Nixon, and Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor paved the way for the Evil Genius Party when he ran for and won the Presidency in 2000, as chronicled in DC Comics. However, Luthor’s rightful place as president was stolen from him by an ignorant oil tycoon from Texas...but The Evil Genius Party continues Luthor’s good works.


A Guiding Light

The Evil Genius Party understands the problems of every day living. Where will you work, assuming you can even find a job? If you can’t, welfare...crime...both? Will you marry? Have children? How many? Will you eat meat or be a vegetarian? Is milk good for you? What about egg whites? White bread or wheat? Are there 8, 9, or 10 planets in our solar system? Work with the alien invaders or against? Boxers or Briefs? Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or Pansexual Peace? Coke or Pepsi? The decisions are staggering. High blood pressure, ulcers, hives, sleep disorders, depression, irritable bowel syndrome all caused by the stress of these daily decisions. Your health is very important to the Evil Genius Party and as such, we promise to guide you to a calmer, happier, healthier you...Let us make the decisions for you...Sit back, relax, and leave the driving to us.


Benefits of Choosing Evil Genius:

-Substantially reduce the size of government

-Set hard-working, decent people free from the fear of uncertainty in their daily lives.

-Eliminate the reconditeness of inconsistent rules and laws from city to city, state to state, country to country. There will be one, easily remembered law: serve and obey your Evil Genius.

-Create a unified and peaceful world under one global government. No more wars, border disputes, trade negotiations, illegal immigrants, refugees, or foolish national pride. We will be one.


You’re the EVIL Genius Party. Can we trust you? Why aren’t you the Benevolent Genius Party?


The adjective “evil” was given to us by those whom you should not trust. Those people who hate and fear change, distrust what they cannot understand, and want to keep the people of the world under the clandestine boot heel of “reality”. Our only goal is to make a perfect world free of disease, hunger, war, or poverty. We are geniuses, we can do it. Will you let us? Of course you will, you will obey...


Evil Genius Platform


As supporters of the Evil Genius Party, we seek a world of unity and peace where all individuals are united for the benefit of the world, each other, and the Evil Genius in Charge.

We believe that individual freedom creates unhappiness, stress, uneasiness, uncertainty, disagreements, false pride, envy, irresponsibility, depression, anger, fights, wars, poor health, distrust, and pretty much all human suffering.

Vote Evil Genius PartyAs such, we value the Evil Genius’s sacrifice to provide us with a world of clarity and peace by eliminating frivolous and superfluous options, providing ample opportunities with gainful employment serving the Evil Genius in his endeavors to create an Geniocratic Utopia, and ensuring security for all mankind.


Platform Planks

International Policy

The United States is the last remaining global superpower. The Evil Genius Party promises to use this might to unify the world. Not by invading countries for oil. No, we know the key to global unity is through Australia. If you’ve played Risk, then you know the importance of Australia.

Economics and Labor

The Evil Genius Party promises that every man, woman, and child will have a job in the coming Geniocratic World Order. Your strengths and weaknesses will be assessed. Finally, your intelligence will be recognized and put to use in creating a new world. Finally, your physical superiority will be appreciated as lackeys, minions, and henchmen. No lackey left behind. All will serve the Evil Genius and be happy about it!

Human and Civil Rights

The Evil Genius Party respects and cherishes all humanity as fodder for the Evil Genius’s whims. We do not differentiate by arbitrary differences such as race, gender, sexuality, economic status, or genetic make-up. All can serve the Evil Genius equally! Evil Geniuses bare physical characteristics different from the typical human and are outcast by these silly differences. The lack of hair, an unfortunate scar, warped heads that look like cauliflower or eggs, a brain in a glass dome. We understand the barb of prejudice. We will fight against such prejudices, slaughtering any who would desecrate our peaceful utopia. Every human will have the opportunities equal to their ability. Just realize, no one is more able to lead than a genius.

Environment and Energy

Global warming? We did that. No,’s not a bad thing. Everyone’s favorite weather occurs in either spring or fall. The Evil Genius Party promises to give you spring and fall weather all year long. No longer will you worry about suffering a heat stroke or frost bite as you toil for the good of the world. Short sighted critics call it “Global Warming”...We call it a beautiful day..

As for toxic waste and overflowing dumps, we are geniuses. Waste rockets to the sun carrying miniaturized waste for pennies a day. Problem solved. In order to accomplish that cheap rocket to the sun, we need new fuel...Again, we are geniuses. Hydrogen powered vehicles and appliances will minimalize fuel costs the world over and eliminate harmful emissions.


Giant fruits and vegetables. Non-bio meats which taste just like the real, dead biological cow you are used to eating now. Healthier and gentler, too.

Health and Medicine

We started the stem cell research. We are trying to make your life better.  No more cancer, no more AIDS, no more common cold, no more trick knees.

Affordable cybernetic replacement body parts for any who desire them. Gene therapy to eliminate those pesky disorders, oily skin, and the unwanted hair or eye color which never quite matched your clothes. Gene splicing to give you those cool cat eyes rather than having to wear annoying contacts. Designer children, without the designer prices.

Support Evil Genius Party with official swag from evilgeniustees.comAnd don’t worry about genetic codes or nanobots or subdermal implants designed to make you subservient, or to kill you if you start causing trouble for the Evil Genius...We would never do that...

You can trust the Evil Genius...You can trust the Evil Genius...You can trust the Evil Genius...


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